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The NYPD proves again, they know how to be violent….


I posted about my afternoon at the 6th month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street yesterday, over at the Peoples Library wordpress site. I had work to do yesterday evening, so I wasn’t around last night for the brutal assault by NYPD on peaceful demonstrators late at night. They always enact their horrific terrors late at night, because that’s the only time they feel empowered enough to throw a girl to the ground, and then when she starts to shake uncontrollably due to a seizure, stand around doing nothing. At one point in the video, a demonstrator yells something along the lines of, “NYPD you’re the most useless people in society…” I agree….



Please help spread this video around, and all the others like it, the countless others, there’s waaaaaay too many videos like this popping up… NYPD, if you’re reading this, please stop enacting violence and go do something useful, and no Homeland Security, there’s no reason for you to be surveying me… Please for once, put our tax dollars to a useful end. I’m HUNGRY!!!!!!


On a more serious note, it’s truly important everyone knows that everyone knows what is happening to the people standing up for social justice and economic equality.


Now I’ll leave you with something positive, I found solace in Malcolm X’s last speech. Somehow, his speech kneaded my anger into something else, something that will hopefully turn beautiful… any minute now………….


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