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INFINITE VIBRATIONS: tangents from liberty

About two weeks before the raid on Liberty Square by NYPD, a group of 2-3 men started giving late night teach-ins. They used the chairs in the library so I sat in. The first night they talked at great length about the 13 powerful families that control the world and 9/11 conspiracies, luminously warning about the high level of courage one needs to engage with the extraterrestrial beings and terrestrial beings that have us enslaved. They continually explained that they were in the park to help us fight and open our eyes to the larger-than-life battle humanity is facing.

The three teachers each had a ranking. The lowest ranking member was a big guy who acted more or less like a body guard. Eric was the go-to guy, he came to the park every night, and he taught the first teach-in and referred often to his “boss” Chris. The first night I met Eric and the body guard, I sensed good vibrations. A well respected member of the OWS community introduced them and explained they had been coming regularly to the park and speaking to individuals privately about the 13 families controlling the world and wanted to spread their message in a more open and accessible way. They genuinely seemed to think they were helping us and they spoke with so much conviction I felt like I had to give them my attention.

At the first teach-in, Eric explained multiple times that he was the reason we had been allowed to remain in the park for as long as we had been occupying. He explained that he sat down with Mr. Zuccotti at his bed and poured him a glass of tea and asked Mr. Zuccotti if he enjoyed knowing his family was safe, nonchalantly suggesting to Mr. Zuccotti that harm would befall his family if he were to allow the NYPD to raid the park and kick out the demonstrators. He also explained that OWS needed to come to a clear consensus on its plan of action, that many high profile extraordinarily rich people secretly believed in the movement and would donate large sums of money to set the movement in motion if a plan to truly free humanity should arise. He explained that many of the men on Wall Street were just as much slaves or even more so slaves to the system we were fighting against. And that they secretly hope it is dismantled but that they have invested their lives in the systems and it seems impossible for them to break free from it. But they do see and feel the cries of all those around the world who have been marginalized and left out of the current systems. By threatening Mr. Zuccotti, Eric explained he had protected us and given us more time to work on enacting a plan. He suggested we dream big, and demanded we look into acquiring land that we could more permanently occupy on which we could grow food and create goods so we could truly break from the current systems. He showed us that by relying on donations and by using goods created by corporations; we in fact hadn’t broken away from the systems we are fighting. And true liberation would not be possible until we could function independently of the monsters we are pointing at and condemning.

Besides the grounded information and push for a more all-inclusive realistic revolution that considers how activists eat and where their shit goes while demonstrating to raise awareness about problems, Eric offered insights to a metaphysical, larger battle freedom fighters are up against. He explained that Mr. Zuccotti and other very powerful figures are in direct contact with higher forms of life. Eric called these higher beings “dragons” and described them as looking very much like a human but they have scale like skin that glimmers in the sun. When he described the physical characteristics of dragons, my mind immediately thought of the vampires in the Twilight film series.

There are many conspiracies online discussing an ever more powerful Alien race controlling humanity that has forever worked to enslave us. From the Bible to the Pyramids to Stonehenge, just about every aspect of the human story seemingly holds pieces of a puzzle that suggest this reality. Eric explained that he has been in contact with over a dozen other forms of higher beings. For the purposes of this story and what matters in regards to the conversation posed by Eric, is that the powerful men that adhere to these dragons are working to unify the world so that they have complete control.

If you look at the human story, there has always been a frontier for humans to escape into, when the homeland no longer seemed hospitable due to political or economic or natural disasters, if everything went to shit, you could migrate like an animal to a faraway land and restart your life in the bushes, virtually free, far from society. But now, the only frontiers are those that require a sophisticated level of engineering impossible for a human without resources, and I’m thinking about the ocean or deep space or another planet or moon. And because corporations and governments control thee processes in which technological resources are manufactured, it’s implied these new frontiers belong to them. But, as Eric pointed out, they don’t completely control the populations of every country quite yet. There are still some rights given in some of the countries on Earth. Eric continually warned us that first night, in order for all rights to be taken and for humanity to be completely enslaved, the thirteen powerful families must unite and work together to garner complete control. In order for the dragons to be appeased and truly believe the families are unified, they demand a blood sacrifice as a proof. The men in black are real, but they’re not fighting to protect you.

Eric explained the fall of the World Trade Towers on 9/11 was an act of proof, that the families of York and Lancaster each controlled a building and by contriving their destruction they simultaneously appeased the dragon, showed they were unified and ushered in the Patriot Act, which radically changed life in America as we now live in a complete police state. We are continually losing more and more of our civil liberties, while we are forced to pay higher prices for resources and job prospects become fewer and far between. And those that have jobs are expected to do more and experience a heightened fear that their jobs will be lost. And as Eric pointed out, they do everything in the name of “protecting” us but in fact they are working to enslave us.

As the OWS community prepped for the Duarte Square action on December 17th, a few of us that had sat in on Eric’s teach-ins realized that the land that was owned by Trinity Church was actually given to Trinity by the Duke of York. And again we were haunted by the ominous warnings given by Eric. He went on that first night to explain that the York and Lancaster families are currently working to construct a single tower in place of the Twin Towers. The single tower is representative of the unification of the two towers, and beyond being a symbol; it is also a communication tower. New towers all across the world are being built. And they’re all being built so that the powerful families can communicate with each other and on an intergalactic level. At this I blurted out, “in 2006 when I lived in China a white middle age male American architect of the World Trade Center came on CCTV and explained to viewers that the greatest moment of the modern world was the fall of the World Trade Center. He explained that ever since their demise the world has been free to create a new trading system. I have googled the name of this man in America and he is too afraid to speak these truths in America.” Eric looked at me, grinned and casually stated, “They don’t want you to know.”

And then another OWS community member blurted out, “Tell us about the Star Gate!” Eric seemed like he was about to fall out of his chair, but recoiled and asked, “How do you know about the Star Gate?” The kid explained that his brother was in the military in Afghanistan when the Star Gate was recovered. The two dove into a conversation about the real reason we were at war in the Middle East, to secure the Star Gate! According to the conversation, there are a handful of Star Gates on Earth and they are a means to intergalactic travel. And the universe, as we’re all well aware of, is full of good and evil so it’s in everyone’s interest to know who controls the Star Gates.

And then Eric brought the conversation back to the Occupy Wall Street movement. He began to explain that his boss had trained him to fight these higher powers and had also put him in contact with beings he likened to Angels. Eric explained that none of us were ready to fight on this level, and that we were not yet prepared to even see these alien beings that have forever been interacting with humanity. He explained that he had spent years training with his boss before he was prepared to know Angels and fight these evil higher powers. But that was a long time ago, he explained that he has been fighting this war for over a decade and was arrested outside the World Trade Center in the late nineties when he was warning people of the planned attack that would destroy the buildings. He offered his cellphone number to everyone, explaining that if we were interested in training to learn how to fight evil on a higher level, he and his boss would train us. Eric explained that there is a true beautiful love force, a true beautiful being that encapsulates everything good, everything pure and this divine being simultaneously lives in New York and is omnipresent. This divine being is on the side of Occupy Wall Street and was in the park the morning a thousand people stood in the park to defend the park from NYPD, the morning Mayor Bloomberg demanded the park be cleaned. And because this divine being stood in solidarity with us that morning, the NYPD was unable to attack the park. According to Eric, this divine being is a dragon. There are good and evil dragons.

Earlier that day a fellow librarian told the library group that a semi famous intellectual (forgive me, but I forget the person’s name) had asked to come give a teach-in at the library the following week in regards to the NYPD and Mayor Bloomberg planning an attack on the park. The intellectual proposed that the park was in fact a ploy that the elites had schemed in order to usher in a more militarized police state in America. During those days, the park was full of rumors of the police raiding the park. We were on constant watch. Though I must confess, I very strongly believed the NYPD would never raid the park. In retrospect, I was very naïve to think that Bloomberg and the NYPD would honor free speech to the point that they would allow us to remain in the park. I sincerely thought the park wouldn’t be raided till the dead of winter, when only a handful of protesters would still be in the park. In cases of cold weather, the NYPD is permitted to remove people from outdoor areas “for their safety”. I suggested the idea that the park was in fact a ploy to Eric and he poopoo’d the statement and explained that he and his angelic army were in fact protecting the park and there was no way the NYPD would enter the park.

Eric presented the divine being in such a way that it seemed like he was expressing the God of all religions. In my opinion, if there is a God, all religions attempt to describe this God and all religions fail at doing so and really fail when they believe themselves superior or better or create any sort of hierarchy of thought. If there is a divine being that solely represents love and everything that is good (and good being such a terrible word for such an impossible concept to describe) it is logical that every different culture have their own way of interpreting how to communicate with the divine. And it would make sense that there are levels of visibility, with the prophets being examples of those that see most clearly as they, like Eric(!/?), are strong enough to encounter these higher powers.

The way Eric explained his reality, had me asking questions that I had long abandoned, which simultaneously invigorated and terrified me. But by this point, it being close to 3am, I decided to go to sleep. I even wonder if my interest was due to my exhausted state. I realized the conversation would probably go into the morning, as Eric and about a dozen people seemed relentlessly able to discuss the problems the world faces. And as much as I believe in dialogue and learning, I knew I had a long day in the library in a few hours… I needed sleep… The next day I saw a few of the OWS members that were at the teach-in and they were exhausted as they had hung out with Eric until he left at 11am. Sleep deprived and unable to get a good nap in the park, they were running on fumes and anxiously awaiting nightfall.

The following night, Eric and the security guard showed up around 11pm. They started a teach-in with a new group of people ready to engage them in conversation. About a half an hour after the discussion was underway, Chris, the boss, showed up. Chris wore wire rimmed glasses, a puffy jacket, jeans, and had a nervous electric energy; he seemed magnanimous as he walked down the steps spouting “facts” about aliens ruling the world. Eric immediately shut up and sat back and gave reverence to everything coming out of Chris’s mouth. The crowd in attendance the second night was a more confrontational crowd and everyone was eager to question every word out of Eric and Chris’s mouth. Eric handled the questions with grace and when attacked by the OWS community he continually explained that we were weak and lacked an overarching vision of the evil we’re up against and basically suggested that he would pander to our infantilism. But Chris, after being questioned, proved to be petty and alarming. He fired insults at everyone that didn’t immediately believe in his “facts”. And a heated argument mounted between him and a notorious occupier. Both degraded the other as “agent provocateurs” and “agitators”. But the bulk of the group that had formed to hear the teach-in shoo’d away the occupier that was giving Chris grief. They were interested and there to give Chris and Eric space to speak.

I’ve always been a very skeptical person, if I would consider myself anything; it would be that I’m a skeptic. I do not trust people. I do not trust government. I do not even trust myself most of the time. I grew up in a very religious family. My father is a minister. The first chapter of my life was all about spirituality, religion, deciphering what is and isn’t real. Coming to the conclusion that there is no god and that the “loving evangelical community” I grew up in wasn’t for me was not an easy decision for me to make as it basically destroyed my relationship with my family. And consequentially, my life has not been easy. But I firmly believe that the path I was brought up to take wasn’t the path for my life and even though it’s been a great challenge, I believe that I made the correct choice for myself by choosing to pursue the attainment of a greater knowledge. I’ve studied all the major world religions, I’ve even studied a lot of the so called “conspiracy theories” that Eric and his crew taught as facts. And I’ve always remained on the fence about whether or not I believe in any of it. It seems it could just as easily be either a hoax or reality. I tell you this because Eric and his crew had me second guessing everything…

When I was 19, I was driving down the interstate 5 in Central California. It was about 3am and I was driving at about 100mph when I noticed two large white lights, which seemed to be driving pretty quickly down the hill way out in front of me. I immediately slowed down as I thought it very well could be a police vehicle. To my dismay the lights weren’t on the ground, but were in fact in the air. The lights raced out in front of my car. At this point I woke up my friend so he would see what I was seeing. The lights darted in a figure eight shape over the highway for about a minute then the lights darted way out to our left and made a huge circle over the fields and then the lights darted back across the highway to our right and made a huge circle across the fields. Then the lights again darted way out in front of my vehicle and then way behind me. When I say way out in front, I mean half a mile away… in the end the lights darted a mile or two behind the vehicle, shot unknowably high into the sky and then it looked as if a crack of lightning shot from the lights before vanishing. Whether I saw a UFO or a high level secret of the air force is unknowable. When we finally got to my friend’s house that morning, his mom explained that she had seen something very similar as a young girl driving across the deserts of New Mexico. I think it’s important to say that I’ve always engaged in conversing with the unknowable, it’s an exercise that will hopefully illuminate what is and isn’t knowable… and I’m explaining this to give some context…

The following night, Eric explained to me that he wouldn’t be doing much talking. He was just there to say hi to a few people. His body guard then explained to me that Chris was very upset by what he had encountered in the park the night before. They explained that the park had been overwhelmed with demonic powers and it was imperative the demons be driven out of the park if the movement were to be successful. They proposed that the next night they were going to come to the park early and perform an exorcism. And I must say my interests were perked!

The next night came and they weren’t there… I kept walking around the park expecting to see them engaged in some weird ritual. I was very eager and excited to see how they would perform an exorcism. If such a phenomena is real, I have my own ideas how it would go. Around midnight Eric and his bodyguard finally showed up. We said hello and I asked why they didn’t come early and enact an exorcism. Eric explained that the park was a lost cause, that even if he forced out every demon, they’d just come right back in. He explained that the problem was the people in the park. Too many people were open to evil forces and were continually allowing them entry to the park. It’s true that the park was full of sick people and mentally ill people, I was spending the majority of my time doing “community watch” and conversing with people about the prevailing problems concerning life in the park. It seemed the movement had been hijacked. We were demonstrators and activists that showed up in a park ready to engage the world in radical politics in a valiant attempt to overthrow the unsustainable reality we are all partaking in so a new sustainable reality could emerge. Eric went so far as to say that he didn’t even plan on protecting the park any longer and that the divine dragon he had spoken about so many times thought the park needed to be destroyed so a new and truer movement could emerge. This is a radically different statement than what he told me the first night he engaged the park in a conversation.

I relayed the little bit of knowledge I have about tarot and magick circles into the conversation. When a practitioner is engaged in a magick circle or a tarot reading, the practitioner is opening themselves to the divine and if the practitioner doesn’t protect themselves, the practitioner can be overcome with evil negative energies when they are in fact seeking positive energies. Every spiritual text explains how easy it is for evil to hide behind a mask of good so it behooves all to be extra aware and extra careful and extra alert when engaging in divination. Eric poopoo’d my likening the situation to tarot and explained that my interests in tarot were crutches I had to do away with if I wanted to truly see. He explained that they’re unnecessary tools. That everything one needs is in the mind. I agree with him, but I don’t believe tarot cards harbor any sort of “magical” quality. I see tarot cards as tools to help oneself better converse with oneself. The cards help the brain reach further. When a person talks to themselves it is very easy for the conversation to be limited and tarot cards provoke a deeper dialogue and in this way they are magickal. Eric left to talk to some other people and his body guard asked me if I really thought I was prepared to even see an exorcism. He kept warning that I wasn’t prepared to engage in this metaphysical reality. I countered that I was raised in a very spiritual household, grew up amidst constant discussions regarding demons, angels, metaphysical realities, etc. And that I have been thinking about such things most of my life and have spent a lot of my adult life deeply researching many spiritual paths. Then I decided to go to McDonalds and get a coffee and use the restroom.

When I came back about twenty minutes later, about four or five of my friends stood watching Eric and the body guard. I walked up to see what was going on as everyone seemed fixated on the happening. Eric’s body guard approached me and explained that Eric was performing an exorcism on an occupier that had asked Eric to free him from demons that had overtaken him. The occupier was someone I had seen around the park on a regular basis. He worked with the various technological working groups, the OWS website and on the livestream site. Meaning, I was very surprised to see him asking Eric to perform an exorcism. Tears streamed down the occupiers face as he repeatedly asked to be free of the demons. Eric stood before him with his hands outstretched and continually said, “You are free. I command this demon out of you. Be free. Be free of this demon.” As an aside, I firmly believe that if it is true that demons exist and one can perform an exorcism, I believe it would be as simple as commanding them out as I believe every individual has control over their spiritual reality. And an individual is free to relinquish their reality to be occupied by another power. I believe words have power. I believe sound has power. I believe voices have power. I believe people have power. And if a person articulates and directs their power and energies they are capable of amazing feats. History is full of these stories. Here’s a biblical example:

“A man with leprosy came and knelt before him and said, ‘Lord, if you are willing, you can make me clean.’ Jesus reached out his hand and touched the man. ‘I am willing,’ he said. ‘Be clean!’ Immediately he was cured of his leprosy.” – Matthew 8:2-3

After approximately a minute of Eric demanding the demon out of the occupier and commanding the occupier to be free, the occupier had a moment of reprieve. His face lit up with a momentary ecstasy. He seemed radiant. And then he sulked and asked for proof that he was in fact free. It is important to explain at this point the logistics of how this looked. The five of us present stood in a loose line and we all faced the park. To our immediate left was “the red thing” and Eric and the security guard stood before us on the left end of the line we comprised. The occupier engaged in the exorcism stood to the right of the line. Before us were the steps leading into the park and at the bottom of the steps were tents. The park was so packed with tents by this point that it was nearly impossible to walk through the park. There were several little trails that snaked through the tents. However, there were no trails directly below where we all stood. It was solid tents. I explain our positioning because as soon as the occupier asked for a proof a very strange old man appeared out of nowhere. I have seriously questioned the four other people that were present at that moment and we’ve talked at great length about how it could have happened, as we were all looking at the same general area from different points of view, yet none of us saw where the strange old man came from.

He looked to be in his mid-sixties, overweight, white hair, blue sweatshirt, jeans, baseball cap, either homeless or poor or just didn’t care about hygiene. As he approached our group, with his buggy eyes popping out of their sockets, he kept repeating himself – “There were eleven bullets and only two of the bullets were fatal, see… the detective was shot eleven times and only two of the bullets were fatal. Only two of the eleven bullets were fatal, see.” He sounded like Golem from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Just writing about him gives me the creepiest feeling ever. One of my friends immediately yelled at him, “What are you trying to tell us? Be logical!” But the old man refused to acknowledge our presence. He walked straight up to the occupier and Eric. Eric got right in his face and started to try to talk to him. Eric tried to comfort him and get him to leave the area. My friend kept demanding that he be logical and the body guard started to explain to us, as if we didn’t already understand, that the demon had manifested itself. I was so exhausted and weirded out by the event I had to go to bed.

The next day I caught up with my friends who stuck around and they explained that earlier that day a woman had been tried and convicted of killing her detective husband. She had shot him 11 times and 2 of the bullets were fatal (Conspiracy theorists unite: 11 + 2 = 13 powerful families). That evening when Eric came back to the park, we talked at length about the exorcism. He said the demon the occupier had harbored was a violent hatred for the NYPD and Eric helped free him from it. Eric explained that many occupiers harbored hatred for the NYPD because of the day-to-day arrests and often brutal assault the NYPD has engaged the OWS movement with. The whole thing, though highly weird, seemed logical. So he was a “I hate cops” demon that manifested as a cooky old man relaying stories about murdered police officers!? Eric kept explaining that many more exorcisms were needed and the park as a whole needed to wake up to this metaphysical reality if the movement wanted to truly succeed at being an effective means of helping society evolve. He seemed to relish in his newfound stardom as rumors of the exorcism started to fill the park. He and his body guard used the story to get more people to take notice of their views. Later that night they got into an altercation with several respected members of the OWS community and they were chased out of the park and called “agent provocateurs” and “agitators”. The act seemed to demand a reaction from people, is this all real or some huge hoax? Were the respectable members of the OWS community chasing them out because they were full of demons and couldn’t bear these truth tellers?!

It was about a month after the exorcism that I again saw the occupier. He was at an important G.A. and was helping to push for the passing of money for a big project that I and many others all agreed needed to be funded. Seeing him so consistently in line with my own values forced me to take pause and again rethink what I thought about the night. I went so far as to ask him point blankly what that was about. And he said that it was exactly as it appeared, that it wasn’t the first time he had a demon removed from him. I explained that many people thought the event was a hoax, and some even went so far as to say it was a set up by the C.I.A. and he laughed, looked me dead in the eye and said, “well maybe I am part of the C.I.A.” Further fucking my brain.

People deeply involved in the OWS community, that walked the park nightly in an effort to keep the park safe, noticed Eric and his crew way before they started doing teach-ins and had been quietly and carefully observing them. A few days after the “exorcism” they approached me and asked me for my account of the event. After telling them what I saw, they explained that they believed the men to be members of the C.I.A. Another OWS community person that had sat in on their teach-ins thought that they were mercenaries. Mercenaries have similar training as C.I.A. members but are hired by private security. The night that Chris came and “taught” he went so far as to say that “people needed to be careful because the people we’re fighting against will come and kill you in the dead of night.” He even implied that he was able to perform such a horrific act. My friend who believes them to be mercenaries argued that only someone that possessed that kind of ability would think to say such an outlandish statement.

The members of the OWS night watch patrol that believed them to be members of the C.I.A. explained that the C.I.A. have for a long time used similar tactics on other movements and have duped whole communities into believing in extravagant hoaxes in order to control the communities. That they’ve led communities to believe that someone possessed the ability to fly and other miraculous powers, that its simple trickster magic, the kind of hoax David Blaine has popularized. They explained the reason they gave late night teach-ins was to disrupt occupiers sleeping patterns, to force us to feel a little crazier, and to knock us out of regularity as their goal is to push us to do something inane, something terrible, something that they can use to shut us down. They also warned that the C.I.A. notoriously uses subliminal messaging to control individuals so they can get them to perform acts that work in their interest – citing Timothy McVeigh as an example of a person the C.I.A. controlled and coerced into performing a horrific act on their behalf. They warned that the more intelligent a person the more susceptible they are to subliminal messaging as their mind absorbs the messages more clearly. And Eric often told me, “you’re brilliant.” Basically they suggested I stay the fuck away from them. Since they weren’t really offering me anything inherently positive I thought it wise advice. Especially since I learned they had convinced my friend to go off of his medications. It seemed like a clear red flag, they do want people to go crazy. If they had convinced my friend to go off of his medications and simultaneously been there with him every step of the way as he “transformed” as they called it, then it would seem like they had his best interest at heart. However, since they suggested he go off his meds and would only occasionally check up on him, it seemed the rumors true, these guys are bad news. Finally, they warned that the C.I.A., the F.B.I. and homeland security had all been watching us and looking for a way to destroy our movement. And as Naomi Wolf showed, it’s true.

Life in the park proved to be one big mind fuck. And as with all aspects of the universe, there is a Ying and a Yang that is reworked through all situations and all realities. The night the park was raided, there was no more denying the immense hatred for our movement the State possess. Their hatred has them so irate that they aren’t even thinking clearly. If I was an advisor to Bloomberg and I wanted the OWS movement to go away, I would have advised a partial destruction of the park. If Bloomberg’s army had come into the park and evicted everyone but left the library and the medical tent intact with a statement explaining that people could no longer live in the park due to health and safety concerns but they were more than happy to help facilitate free speech (thus leaving the library) and assist the medics in keeping the park healthy (thus leaving the medical tent) the citizens of New York and around the world would not be so quick to point their fingers at the powers in control and cry out, “FASCISTS, ASSHOLES!”

Instead the NYPD stormed into the park in the dead of night, they gave no warning, they just stormed in… I gave a full account of the evening here. When the police showed up they circled us and a commanding officer explained what was happening and at that moment I was fully prepared to remain in the park and be arrested if it came to that. I had no intentions of leaving. I grabbed the poetry anthologies and stood on a table and started to read poems from the anthology. I did that for several minutes and then for reasons unknown to me in the moment, I was seized with panic and overcome with pain. Days later when I watched youtube videos of the raid, I realized that the reason I was fine one moment and steered into a frenzy in the next moment was due to the LRAD Sound Cannon. For those that don’t know what a sound cannon is, here is a great description I found online:

The LRAD Sound Cannon is an acoustic weapon and communication device…

Developed by the LRAD corporation to broadcast messages and pain-inducing “deterrent” tones over long distances, LRAD devices come in various iterations that produce varying degrees of sound. They can be mounted to a vehicle or handheld. The device produces a sound that can be directed in a beam up to 30-degree wide, and the military-grade LRAD 2000X can transmit voice commands at up to 162dB up to 5.5 miles away.

…that blasts “non-lethal” sound waves…

The LRAD corporation says that anyone within a 100 meters of the device’s sound path will experience extreme pain. The version generally utilized by police department (the LRAD 500X) is designed to communicate at up to 2000 meters during ideal conditions. In a typical outdoor environment, the device can be heard for 650 meters. The 500x is also capable of short bursts of directed sound that cause severe headaches in anyone within a 300-meter range. Anyone within 15 meters of the device’s audio path can experience permanent hearing loss. LRAD claims the device is not a weapon, but a “directed-sound communication device.”

…and keep birds from hitting planes…

LRAD systems are deployed at airports to sonically deter birds from residing in the paths of aircrafts. The bio-acoustic deterrent helps minimize bird strikes like the one that caused the ditching of Flight 1549 in the Hudson river. In this context, the LRAD broadcasts tones and predator calls that frighten birds away.

…but has also been used against activists…

The LRAD device has been used on several occasions against activists in the US. The first documented use was in Pittsburgh during the G20 summit in 2009. The Pittsburgh police used it again following the Superbowl in 2011. The LRAD has reportedly been used against Occupy protestors in Oakland and recently against Occupy Wall Street protestors in Zuccotti Park.

…and has potentially long-term side effects.

Here’s the source for the information regarding LRAD Sound Cannon’s http://gizmodo.com/5860592/what-is-the-lrad-sound-cannon

It’s ironic that the NYPD used a sound cannon as they raided the park because one of the supposed reasons NYPD gave while they shut down the park was our continual “noise pollution”. Residents living around Zuccotti Park have all unanimously agreed the sound cannon fucked them up more than any noise the OWS movement ever created.

It wasn’t till the evening following the raid that I truly realized how profoundly the sound cannon wrecked my body. I went with a fellow librarian to see Philip Glass’s opera Satyagraha at the Met. Satyagraha (thanks, Wikipedia!) loosely translated as “insistence on truth satya (truth) agraha (insistence) soul force”[1] or “truth force” is a particular philosophy and practice within the broader overall category generally known as nonviolent resistance or civil resistance. The term “satyagraha” was conceived and developed by Mahatma Gandhi. We got the tickets about a week before we saw the show so we had no idea how necessary the timing.

We were fortunate to have center stage, front row seats. Being there seemed like a divine intervention as I was aching all over and my mind was overwhelmed with negative-bummer thoughts. Sitting center stage and front row provided me the opportunity to hear the actors feet shuffling across the stage, I heard the duct tape unwind as actors pulled duct tape from one side of the stage to the other, I heard all the minute details that audience members in the back of the Met couldn’t hear. It’s these minute details that truly brought the experience to life. Sure, the grand vocals of the great singers performing the show were the highlight, but I believe it’s through engaging with the show on every level that fully re-awoke me from the disheveled mania I had fallen into. As the performers grandiose arias sailed through the theater, I felt my spirits lift; I physically felt parts of my body lift from the seat as my psyche swam up into space that the untrained eye would call the empty space above the audience in the theater. The Met is purposely designed to provide the best possible setting for the acoustics. And if a listener allows themselves to dissolve into that huge mass of sound they can. Having been so affected by the sound cannon, it seemed my body had no choice but to give into the beautiful noises that were there that night and regenerate.  The Sound Cannon had smashed every ounce of my being into itself and had me so shaken and fearful that I physically couldn’t stand the reality of the park and felt compelled to run. It worked perfectly on me as the goal of its use was to get me to leave the park. I hate to admit its effectiveness as I’m sure I will again be confronted by it, but next time I’ll be sure to wear ear plugs and engage in some psychic exercises I have since learned and am working on developing. You can learn about these too, by playing the youtube link at the bottom of this page.

Not only did we lose all of our physical belongings the night of the raid, but we also lost our platform for our discussion on creating a better world. It’s been said, “the people in the streets shouldn’t worry about coming up with solutions, it’s the people they are screaming at in the buildings that need to fix the problems.” I disagree. It is up to us to change this world, we cannot rely on the people in the buildings who have historically failed us to change and fix the problems we are facing. We need to take their motto, “pull yourself up by the bootstraps” and collectively help one another pull up the giant boot strap we all are wearing. We must create our new sustainable world inside the current world. We will burst from within, as a flower bursts through a green lawn.

The ancients understood that matter doesn’t exist; the substance of the universe is consciousness. The metaphysical warrior uses consciousness to radically sway reality.

It’s becoming increasingly clear and increasingly important that humanity strive to be free and brave. We must exercise our freedoms in the same way one exercises a muscle. If you don’t exercise your freedom you will forget that you are free. Wear something outlandish. Say something beautiful. Carry a sign and wave it high. If you think speeding is a useless law then speed down the mother fucking highway in your eco-friendly-electric-car with your middle finger proudly raised in the air. Just continue to be free. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. Continue to engage in conversation no matter how absurd, how outlandish. Each and everyone of us must live as Ghandi mandates and be a “truth force”. Even if we don’t clearly understand what the truth is, we must continue to live in love and in light and strive to understand. Ask questions. Be heroic. Live your dream.

In closing, remember the maxim, “Nothing is real. Everything is permitted.”


In thee end, “ALL shall be REVEALED.”

9 thoughts on “INFINITE VIBRATIONS: tangents from liberty

  1. Dear Stephen:

    This is a powerful, necessary, narratologically suspenseful, haunting and truthful account of possible crypto infiltration.

    At one point you said, “I’ve always been a very skeptical person, if I would consider myself anything; it would be that I’m a skeptic. I do not trust people. I do not trust government. I do not even trust myself most of the time.”

    As a person who was also raised for a brief time partly in a hyper-religious cult (http://treeturtle.com/church.html) I more than empathize with your sentiment about being a skeptical person (http://treeturtle.com/skepticism.html; http://treeturtle.com/religion.html).

    I once wrote a poem called “The Night I Met Bayard Rustin.” But it is in a box in my storage bin here in Baltimore where I live now. Once I retrieve this poem from storage (and the other protest poems that I wrote from that period in my life) I will send it your email for the OWS Poetry Anthology, a wonderful initiative for which the world, literally, should be proud.

    I feel so fortunate to learn about your work and sensibility and that of your friends from CAConrad’s facebook.

    Best wishes,

    tree turtle

  2. It was a strange and haunting link. I hope it helps illuminate whatever it is it should… I’m still a bit haunted by it, although through talking to “eric” and his friends… I’m pretty sure they weren’t speaking the truth because they’re knowledge on occult truths seemed limited in my perspective and they were always so quick to explain that they knew the way and they had superior knowledge. I feel true superiority comes with a level of humbleness that they did not express, meaning, if they were so much better than everyone else there questioning them, they wouldn’t get violently angry. Though, when I asked them this, they sorta shrugged me off and explained that if I was out fighting aliens~otherworldly-beings then I wouldn’t have time for such petty questions either…


  3. Oh and strange that I was doing research on computers being able to pull from conversations subconcious messages when your comment popped up.. my friend wishes that we had transcripts of their conversations to really look at what was being said… and to look for possible subliminal messages.

  4. So good, so important to be careful in those contexts. I would not be surprised if those men leading those late night teach-ins were CIA operatives.

    And here’s three anecdotes about why I wouldn’t be surprised:


    After all, in the 1970s the wonderful feminist activist Carol Hanisch wrote a book called “Feminist Revolution.” A corporate publisher, Random House, picked up the book. But they censored (removed) an entire section of it. Why? Because that censored section when into the little known story of the pop feminist Gloria Steinem’s ties with the C*A (. Wow. The book is now available from Carol Hanisch’s website via Redstockings press and if you order it you get the censored section too. And let me tell you: it is eye-opening reading.


    Many years ago I trained within conflict resolution techniques at the United States Institute for Peace through a now defunct program with a DC arts community center. It was there that I discovered the approaches of Gene Sharp, an activist and a scholar in Massachusetts who trains (through his Albert Einstein Institution) individuals and communities in nonviolent techniques. Almost ten years ago, after following the writings of the Voltaire Network in France, I discovered the following discussion of how some nonviolent techniques can actually be used for imperialist ends. This reevaluation of one of my idols’ work shook my very foundation and made me think in fresh ways about truly radical advocacy and activism. The article that shook my foundation is entitled “The Albert Einstein Institution: Non-violence According to the CIA” by Thierry Meyssan and it can be read here: http://www.voltairenet.org/a30032. Everyone from Howard Zinn to Noam Chomsky came out to support Gene Sharp in the wake of Meyssan’s eye-opening investigation. And Gene Sharp offered his own rebuttal: http://www.aeinstein.org/CORRECTIONS.pdf. But nobody has yet ever adequately been able to counter the facts that Meyssan devastatingly raised.

    It is for these two reasons (and more: the Iran-Contra affair and the government’s infiltration of the Black Panthers and on and on) that I am never surprised by charges that various spy networks have attempted to infiltrate progressive activist communities.

    –tree turtle

  5. Well, the guys that taught the late night teach-ins are radically different than the Gene Sharp types, though they were there.. One of the founders of OPTOR (Serbian Uprising) was at OWS…

    Here’s proof: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkM3BBtc7N0

    Here’s an interesting 30 minute documentary on the CIA’s involvement in uprising (could it be a nwo): http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=mBqBSrrTyzo#!

    The weird aspect of the 3 men teaching late night, was that they represented another aspect, the metaphysical battle. They weren’t very interested in politics as they’d quickly explain away any power the president had an the men on wall street had as they’re all pawns to a dragon that actually controls the world and forces these humans to submit to their will and enslave the worlds population. They spoke as if they were metaphysical warriors, but also seemed to bum out large numbers of Occupiers and eventually were chased out and labeled “agitators” but I wonder if maybe they were real… it seems the occupiers that labeled them could just as easily be C.I.A. informants looking to block the truth…

  6. I always had a sense, eric was a good guy. his suggestions seemed good, that we need to get our act together if we wanted to succeed. Sitting in a park doing drugs is not sustainable, neither is relying completely on donations, that is parasitic & of course donations should be used to increase sustainability. Sustainability is just good common sense, if you have five apples and 2 loaves of bread until next week when you will be paid for whatever you are working on. you use four of the apples, perhaps try to plant one. ration the bread. Use the the next weeks payment to do more of the same. and keep up more of the same. Unfortunately the 1% are completely parasitic. we know this, thats Why the protest. So i think we were being given some good common sense from these men. with quite a few eye-opening statements *which are really hard to verify definitively. things that could make sense. but an intellect has to work out itself. One thing I heard was that our movement has become wall street. which to me means it doesnt do anything other than manipulate. and reap that profit. ive been thinking alot about that satement, occupy wall street has become wall street. *true for some factions but not totally true. We still are in protest against the source of our ills and that protest- is a positive energy and i for one hope it keeps going but there are better ways to protest than to constantly yell unfair unfair. *one point of clarification to your account, we were told several times by these three the park was going to be cleared, that time was limited. and yes. the park was cleared.

  7. The first night or two they were adamant that they were protecting us and that the park wouldn’t be cleared because we were being protected. However, after park people reacted defensively to them, then they started to say the park would be cleared, first they said they would do an exorcism on the whole park and then they explained that would be fruitless and when they said it would be fruitless because the demons would continually be welcomed back into the park by the dark energies living there, thats when they began to say the park would be cleared and they no longer were protecting us.

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