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Little Skips Winter Art Show Extravaganza

We here at minorprogression are very fortunate for many reasons. Not only do we get to bare witness to great happenings in the art and music worlds and share those events with you, but we also happen to live in a city that caters non stop to our tastes and interests. Both Stephen and I live in Bushwick, Brooklyn and it is the first time since high school that both of us have lived in the same place at the same time.

Bushwick is a great neighborhood to live in for many reasons; it’s convenient to major public transportation, the rent is relatively cheap compared to other New York neighborhoods and the it has the feeling of an actual neighborhood instead of a region re-zoned, or imagined by real estate companies. When I say this last bit, what I mean is that Bushwick, unlike anywhere else I’ve spent a great deal of time in the city, feels sort of like a universe unto itself. Because it is relatively small and still in fairly early stages of gentrification, there are only a handful of places to hang out and the people that frequent/work at and those places fill your days with a sort of familiar neighborhood pride. When a new business arrives here, it is always met with equal parts anticipation and skepticism. While we clearly want things around us that we find valuable and unique, we don’t want to be priced out of our neighborhood by the pretentious or the generic. New businesses that support both the positive and negative aspects of our outlook have come onto the scene since our moving here, but if there is one business that we unabashedly love, respect and frequent more than any other it is unquestionably Little Skips, a coffee shop, cafe and art gallery that opened a little less than a year ago on the corner of Willoughby and Myrtle Avenues.

Little Skips is one of our favorite coffee shops in the world. We say this not just because it is convenient for us to get to, but more importantly because it is unique, specific, generous and welcoming. They cater to their customers in a friendly and bright eyed manner that is seriously lacking from most of the city, and seemingly try to put the neighborhood at the center of everything they do. All the food and drinks they serve are made with quality and heart and any time they chose to throw an event, they do so with style and spirit.

The lengthy walls of the cafe are always covered with original art, and even when the work displayed veers away from my own personal tastes, it serves as a legitimate portrayal of the artist being showcased and not just a space with a few paintings shoved in a corner somewhere.

The latest opening at Little Skips (on display for at least another month or so) features work by James Marshall, Maria Bedoian, and Anda Stelian. The diversity of their work show’s just how open and willing Little Skips is to bringing unique art to their walls and proves once again how important they are not only to the neighborhood as a meeting place, but as a showcase for local artists as well.

The opening party featured 3 dollar beers and glasses of wine, a dj and live music from Photondynamo and the Shiny Pieces, a local band who’s mix of rock and roll covers and fun to dance to original songs kept the party going into the night.

We left feeling kind of drunk and super content, stumbling gracefully back home even happier than usual for just being alive, living close to each other and having Little Skips close by to remind us that some things in life can be both consistent and original.

P.S. The Bushwick Egg Cream(a traditional egg cream with a shot of espresso added) is perhaps one of the best coffee drinks ever invented. If you make just one trip to Little Skips and wish to have a truly unique experience, be sure to order one of these. I promise it will make you very, very happy.

P.P.S.-I’ve been listening to a lot of Future Islands with my egg creams and lattes as of late. ┬áHere’s the extended version of the single off of one of this year’s best albums, “In Evening Air.”

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