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Help Prince Rama of Ayodhya Get Back On Their Feet And They’ll Gladly Set Yours A’ Tappin’

Prince Rama of Ayodhya make some of the most interesting music that any band is making nowadays. That their music also taps into an unquestionably cosmic vein and that their live shows can work up almost unimaginable amounts of positive energy just adds to their special importance in today’s music scene.  Add to this the rare factors that they also happen to be some of the nicer people that I’ve ever met and that they are affiliated with minorprogression sweethearts The Whitehaus Family Record and what I’m about to tell you will begin to hint at the pure awfulness of its actuality…




IT’S ALL GONE!!!!!!!

This news comes to me just after I missed them play what I’m sure was a killer show at The Market Hotel with Air Waves and Beach Fossils. Speaking of which, I have to admit something; I have had a bit of a missed chance relationship with Prince Rama. What does this mean? I always seem to miss them when they play. I always have full intentions of going and watching their performance, when out of the blue, something comes up and I’m forced to leave. This happened in Austin, when I was supposed to see them play a show on top of a mountain and this happened the other night when I was too sick and cold to even make it from my bedroom to my bathroom. I have been forced to accept that perhaps Prince Rama are just something for the rest of the world to benefit from. Something that I am not able to be a part of, a club that I can admire but not one of which I can be a member. I tell myself I’m okay with this, that by missing them play I’m somehow allowing other people to see them play. In false heroic fashion, I suck it up and deal with the sad reality I inhabit.
Now however, true tragedy has stricken. If Prince Rama no longer have their equipment, my fate becomes the worlds and this is not something I will stand by and let transpire.
Here is the bulletin they posted the other day on their myspace, accounting the event and listing the items that they need replaced. Please, if you have any extra money or musical items laying about in these still not so awesome economic times, help these guys out. The good karma they will spin you from your actions will be all encompassing.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

sad news–
our van was broken into today in philly
and ALL our equipment and merchandise has been stolen.
it is looking as though we may have to
cancel the rest of our US tour.

we are trying to be as proactive as possible
about pursuing all possible solutions // ways of trying to
re-coop some of our losses,
and are accepting any ideas // suggestions
about where to go from here, as we can’t
play any more shows until we can get some of this back.

If any one has any used equipment you’d like
to donate or sell to us cheaply, we are definitely in need of any
guitars, amps, pedals, synths, keyboards, drums… you name it.

we were thinking of maybe organizing
a few benefit shows, so anyone who might
be interested in playing, by all means contact us
and we’d love to work something out.

at any rate, we set up a donations fund,
so if you feel moved to donate anything, even a buck,
ANYTHING would help at this point.


we are so grateful to everyone that has been
so kind to us on tour… its been truly amazing so far,
and we just feel really thankful to all of you for
sharing such love and inspiration with us.

taraka, nimai, michael

below is a rough list of all that was stolen.
if you happen to see any of this floating around craigslists or pawn shops
in the philly/baltimore/nyc area, let us know.
also, if you have any equipment like this
and are looking to sell or donate it,
let us know.

yamaha keyboard
behringer 4 input mixer
boss reverb/delay pedal
pearl distortion pedal
ibanez delay pedal
korg tuner pedal
gibson epiphone
orange amp
3 sm58 mics
16″ pearl floor tom
3 drum stands // cymbal stands
zildjian crash cymbal
apple powerbook
korg ms2000
electribe esx
lexicon mx200
mackie 8 input mixer
american audio 1000 watt amplifier
2 yamaha 500 watt speakers
+ all our records // cds // probably more


Also, if you are a band or artist that we have written about on this blog or happen to be a band or artist reading this blog and you live/are spending time on the east coast, please send Prince Rama of Ayodhya a message if it’s possible to perform in any sort of upcoming  benefit shows of theirs.  I promise not only will you be doing a good thing, but you will be playing in support of like minded and caring artists who share our visions and hopes for communal well being.

Here is an Mp3’s of theirs if these words and persuasive images somehow weren’t enough to help motivate you:
Prince Rama of Ayodhya – Celestial Jewelry

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