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Girls Names: Interview and MP3

I posted about Girl’s Names a couple of posts back and they were kind enough to send us an interview along with an MP3 for you to get your grubby mouse clickin’ hands on… so yeah, check them out and buy their latest EP. Interview after the jump…

MP: What was it like getting thrown together as a last minute support act for Wavves? Had you played much before? Did you just start jamming? Were you fans of Wavves?

GN: Our friend Mark was putting on a Wavves show here and I was talking to him one night and half jokingly said that I had some stuff I was playing in my room and I was thinking about asking Neil to drum to it and that we should play support. I didn’t really think much about it until about 2weeks before hand, he asked me again and so then Girls Names was kind of started.

MP: Were you in bands together before embarking on Girls Names.

GN: No I’ve never played in a band before this but I’ve played guitar since i was a kid. Last year, though, i wanted to start a Beat Happening tribute band with neil called ‘Hot Chocolate Boys‘ – it never happened unfortunately. Neil has this other band though called JL Seagull who are really good, plus he does some solo stuff as well.

MP: Do you have a favourite band that incorporates “girl” in their name right now?? I think my top two are Girls and Religious Girls. But it really seems like there are a lot of bands incorporating some aspect of femininity into their name. What’s your reason?

GM: Ha, We just needed a name to give to Mark so he could stick it on posters for the Wavves gig, it was really rushed. I wanted to call us TV Girls after the Beat Happening song (I’m a bit obsessed), Neil wasn’t convinced, then after trying various girls’ names as band names, we compromised on simply Girls Names. We thought we’d change it but it’s just stuck. TBH I wasn’t really aware of all the bands out now with girls in their name apart from Vivian Girls, who i really really love. It’s perfect pop. Oh yeah and I really love Dum Dum Girls too. She’s great.

MP: What is it like to be a musician in Belfast? What is the music scene like there? Where are the good clubs/venues to go to? Are there any good local bands you’d like to plug?

GN: The best venue without a shadow of a doubt is The Menagerie. It’s really cool, from the outside you wouldn’t even know it’s a bar, more like a shed but it’s my favourite place in town. So many great club nights and bands are put on there. Mi Ami played there in May, I think, and it was easily the best thing I’ve seen this year. They’ve been kind enough to allow us practice in there all week during the day, as we’re both totally broke and can’t afford paying rehearsal spaces and we need to knuckle down this week as we’re going into a studio on Monday and Tuesday where we plan to make an album in those two days.

Of all the bands in town, our favourites are JL Seagull, Not Squares, Kicks Blue, What What, Freak Paeans and Documenta. ‘Scene’ is a bit of a dirty word though – to me scenes are bullshit and tend to be cliquey. it’s more community orientated with us – just all our friends helping each other out and having fun together, be they in band or not. Belfast’s a really cool place now, it’s taken a while but I love living here.

MP: Do you have any plans to come to America and party with us?

GN: Yeah we’d love that but we haven’t even played outside of Belfast yet. maybe someday.

Cathal – from Girls Names – sent an mp3 for “warm hands, cold heart”. please note this is just a demo they’ve recorded themselves on a really cheap, old 4track. They’re recording next week for the first time in a studio which should be fun!


Girls Names – Warm Hands, Cold Heart

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