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Ava Luna and Yeasayer pictures!!!

Last Thursday night I had the privilege of seeing two bands I love play clear across town from each other and it only cost me $5.00!

Enough gloating about the joys of summer though, if you have been holed up in your small apartment for the past three years and don’t know who Yeasayer are, it’s really time you hike down to your local music store, or at least mosey on over to their myspace and give a few of their songs a listen. On Thursday, they played a free show at Pier 54 (no relation to the hallucinatory nightclub of NY’s past unfortunately) in south Chelsea on the Hudson, and I was reminded in full what made their debut so exciting three years ago.

They played lots of new tunes, all of which had my company and I dancing about, stirred up a by the buzz of their completed but not yet scheduled to be released sophomore LP. Even openers Amazing Baby ( I mean…you can name a band anything you want, you know?) and a lingering thunderstorm couldn’t bring the crowd down. Amazing Baby (Mediocre Twenty-somethings is more like it) got off the stage and the sky never opened up, leaving it a cool and surreal setting for Yeasayer to work their magic. There’s still no work on Anand Wilder’s coal mining musical, but all I can say is if you’re reading this Anand, I want to jump on board.

Amazing Baby…AKA the Meh heard round the world

I then Jumped on the L tain to head over into the depths of north Brooklyn and ended up on the edge of Bushwick and Ridgewood (which is technically Queens) at one of my favorite DIY venues in the city, The Silent Barn. I arrived just in time for Ava Luna’s record release set, which I had been anticipating for some time. Their new album, which is called “3rd Avenue Island”, is a perfect documentation of their live shows nowadays, with all the throbbing synths and soaring girl group harmonies that have come to define the bands sound over the past year or so. They are selling handmade copies of the album off their myspace, and if you want to stay on top of your bands to watch in 2010, you should send them a few bucks, and pick yourself up a copy. You should also do your best to catch them play as they play around the city all the time, and tour a few times a year.
Here’s some pics from their show as well:

So there you have it. I’ve been insanely busy working late hours and assistant directing a musical, but any chance I have over the next week and a half I promise I’ll keep the posts coming. After August is over, you can expect a return to business as usual.
I posted MP3’s in last weeks post about these bands, so here’s a link back to that article.

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2 thoughts on “Ava Luna and Yeasayer pictures!!!

  1. i love amazing baby. generally they are awesome live but i have to say the mix WAS pretty terrible for this show. they are also sweet dudes, they are friends with a friend of a friend and they are really down to earth, gentle, and genuine.

  2. I’m sorry Sarah. I didn’t mean to be cruel to Amazing Baby. There are obviously far worse bands in this universe of ours and I’ve also sat through far worse sets. However, I wasn’t really impressed by anything about their performance or their music. This is not to say that they aren’t awesome guys, which they very well could be and most likely are, I’d just rather not revisit loud Brit-Pop unless there is a damn fine case made for it.
    Thanks for reading.

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